Peter Leffkowitz & Tall Pony Ranch Comes to Boston!

10/02/2013 9:00 am
10/02/2013 4:30 pm


 MAPS is pleased to present Peter Leffkowitz for his only Recruiter Based program in New England!



Recruiter Tune-Up


This is a condensed version of Morgan Consulting Group’s 3 day flagship ranch program.


It is the root philosophy from which  Morgan Methodology stems. It is strongly recommended as your as your first exposure in the journey to high performance.

Program Objective: develop strength in tele-sourcing, “innerviewing”, cold call recruiting and uniqueness positioning. Add a minimum of 35% higher annual billings to an experienced recruiter or a minimum of 225K in first year billings to a newly hired recruiter.

Who Attends:

Recruiters:  All levels.  Rookies, Seniors needing new ideas, and Rock Stars who are stuck or leveled out.

Sales/Account Managers:  Selling the differentiators of your firm’s recruiting technique must be understood first hand to effectively sell against the competition.


You won’t find a more comprehensive, more demanding, one day program, anywhere. Leffkowitz can keep an audience riveted, nonstop. He will make live calls, have the audience make calls and there will be a ton of role playing.  The world’s leaders in search and contract staffing send their most promising investment grade players to Morgan Consulting Groups ranch  programs.  Business development specialists learn the unique complexities of how their recruiting team operates, enabling them to sell the process that attracts higher quality candidates, without the fluff. Now you can get an inexpensive slice of this without the expense of flying to Kansas City!

Key Deliverables

  • The ability to tele-source high performance employed candidates without the use of job boards
  • The ability to deliver a skillful, unique, and meaningful cold recruiting call, showing genuine interest and care regarding a candidate’s career aspirations
  • The ability to conduct a relationship building Innerview™ with qualified candidates resulting in a team effort to achieve the goals described by the candidate.  The Morgan Innerview™ has been touted as the most effective data gathering, trust building tool in the industry
  • A time management process guaranteed, in enforced, to add 40% higher levels of activity  (Apps/JOs/SOs), to a recruiters’ month
  • The ability to use phraseology creating a unique opening positioning statement resulting in high levels of credibility and distinction from competition.


About the Event:


To attend the Tall Pony Ranch, it can cost you up to four (4) times the nonmember price! 


  • $149 for MAPS/CAPS/NNEAPS Members (please call or email if you are not currently a MAPS member).
  • $299 for nonmembers

Membership Has its Privileges!


If you join MAPS (see membership on the website) today, you will receive membership for 2013 AND 2014 AND membership pricing for this and other events including:  MAPS Christmas party, NEAPS conference, etc.

Owners!  Send three members of your team and you can attend for free!  Please contact us for details!


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Cindy Laughlin
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Boston Park Plaza Hotel
50 Park Plaza
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Peter Leffkowitz
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About Peter: Morgan Story

In 1986, coming from a diversified background of multi-unit retailer and restaurateur, Peter Leffkowitz landed in a 40-desk search firm in Kansas City Missouri. Accounting and finance. He struggled for 6 months with zero production and was in constant threat of being fired. In month number six, the light bulb turned on. He reversed almost all the methods he had learned, and decided to run his desk from the perspective of the candidate and the client. Not his own agenda. He started pulling, not pushing.

For the next three years, Peter became the top biller in a system of 150 recruiters, refined his methodology, spread it out to the rest of the staff and enjoyed, along with his team mates, substantial success.

He had looked where everyone was going, and moved in the opposite direction. This became the core of Morgan Methodology.

Fast forward. Asked to speak at state and national level conferences, Peter began to concentrate on refining his methodology and more importantly, developing his style of teaching. People responded to his honesty, his Midwest work ethic, and his ability to alter his style to the individual student. Most say the brilliance of his techniques were rooted in integrity. No games. When in doubt he demonstrates the phone call, on a live speaker phone, with a company or candidate provided by an audience member. Peter became known as the only staffing industry trainer that walked the talk. Even in front of hundreds of people.

The company grew. Eight seminars a month. 200 people in a room. North America. Tokyo. Johannesburg. Auckland. Hong Kong.

In 1995, Peter became a single dad, with two sons – 4 and 6. Traveling stopped. In 1996, he built the Tall Pony Ranch in Kansas City, Missouri and told his students, “If you want training, you need to come to my house.” They did.

To date, over 20,000 recruiters, representing over 2,700 firms have walked through the gates of Peter’s 75 acre campus and been trained in the best staffing industry methodology in the world.

In 1998, Tricia Tamkin took her first class in Morgan Methodology. It would not be her last. Over the next 10 years, she followed Peter, relentlessly. Her core was Morgan, but her passion was technology. She knew that adding legal and ethical hacking to the linguistics of Peter’s methodology was a recipe for massive production. She proved it. It took her a decade to convince Peter to integrate her shortcuts to the best candidates, into Morgan Methodology. In 2009, their collaboration began.

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